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The Cheapest way to Ski from Santiago de Chile

Cutting the ¨Powder in South American Skiing

A la Nieve I’ve been in Santiago for six months now, and for the last few months it’s been Ski Season. I´m lucky enough to have been a ski junkie since my parents took me when I was very little, and, other than a small blip about three years ago where I tore my ACL […]

Culture Nerd #2: What are Chilean ‘Onces’

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In Chile, you have Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks. But there’s also Onces. What are Onces? Onces is a meal, or a snack, or something-in-between that consists usually of bread and cheese and ham, tea or coffee, jam and maybe something sweet like cakes. It is kind of an afternoon tea, but more savoury, and mostly […]

My First Piece for Travelista Club

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What is Travelista Club? Travelista Club was the encouragement that I needed to start this blog. An offer of payment for writing, and a discount on a web hosting? Sign me up. However, I have found It really difficult to contact them, or find a way to write new articles for them. I think mainly […]

Mendoza in Four days

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Maipu Bodega, Mendoza

Why go to Mendoza? Mendoza was one of the biggest delights of my trips to Argentina. It’s often overlooked as a stop off, or a one night fling on the tourist trail across from Buenos Aires to Santiago. Yet the city is so much more than that. The first thing that struck me about it […]