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The Cheapest way to Ski from Santiago de Chile

Cutting the ¨Powder in South American Skiing

A la Nieve I’ve been in Santiago for six months now, and for the last few months it’s been Ski Season. I´m lucky enough to have been a ski junkie since my parents took me when I was very little, and, other than a small blip about three years ago where I tore my ACL […]

Pucón in Winter: What to Do

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Chile's ice axe climbing volcan villarica

Pucón is famous for being one of Chile’s biggest summer outdoor and adventure destinations, but what about in the winter months? For my second feature post, I wrote all about Pucón, an incredible town in the south for the incredible Today In Chile. Today in Chile highlights the best locations in Chile, as well as local […]

Culture Nerd #2: What are Chilean ‘Onces’

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In Chile, you have Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks. But there’s also Onces. What are Onces? Onces is a meal, or a snack, or something-in-between that consists usually of bread and cheese and ham, tea or coffee, jam and maybe something sweet like cakes. It is kind of an afternoon tea, but more savoury, and mostly […]

Staying with Strangers: San Pedro de Atacama: Part 1

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Desert StreetView

I wanted to share one of the experiences I had back in 2013 that made me fall headfirst for Chile and Chilean people. This story is about one of the stupidest things I ever did while travelling alone. I was about six weeks into travelling South America, feeling cocksure and relaxed, when I began the […]

Chilean Birthday Parties

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Chips and Dips

What are Chilean Birthday Parties like? Last weekend was yet another birthday party! It feels like I’ve been to hundreds in the last five months, but as a lifelong fan of birthday joy, last weekend’s Surprise “Carrette” (party) really got me. I’ve only been involved in a few surprise parties in my life, and this […]

My First Piece for Travelista Club

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What is Travelista Club? Travelista Club was the encouragement that I needed to start this blog. An offer of payment for writing, and a discount on a web hosting? Sign me up. However, I have found It really difficult to contact them, or find a way to write new articles for them. I think mainly […]