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Culture Nerd #2: What are Chilean ‘Onces’

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In Chile, you have Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks. But there’s also Onces. What are Onces? Onces is a meal, or a snack, or something-in-between that consists usually of bread and cheese and ham, tea or coffee, jam and maybe something sweet like cakes. It is kind of an afternoon tea, but more savoury, and mostly […]

Culture Nerd #1: Why is there no European cross-linguistic word for Shark?

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The ancient viking Hai

A while ago, my sister sent me a text asking if I knew why the word for Shark was so different in different European languages. It’s not like Cow (Vacca, Vache, Vaca, Krava, Baqra; and then Ku, Koh, Koe and Cow in Germanic Languages). No, Shark in, for example: French (requin) and Spanish (tiburón); and […]