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What is Travelista Club?

Travelista Club was the encouragement that I needed to start this blog. An offer of payment for writing, and a discount on a web hosting? Sign me up. However, I have found It really difficult to contact them, or find a way to write new articles for them. I think mainly the gain money from those who pay for hosting and then never write a piece. If you have any questions about the process please contact me. My first piece has been published on their site here:

Pichilemu – The Perfect Surf Getaway From Santiago

Please give it a click and have a look at one of the most amazing places I’ve ever visited, and get tips on the best Piscos and vistas in Pichilemu, Chile.

Here’s a quick except:

Punta De Lobos:

Punta de Lobos is one of the few sites in the world that has wholeheartedly taken my breath away. We arrived on a miserable grey afternoon; you couldn´t spot the horizon for the clouds, and the wet air soaked through our coats. Yet, we stood for hours, gazing off the cliff tops at roaring tides, red cacti, and the insane surfers sitting in the white water, waiting their turn.

Surfing at Punta de Lobos Pichilemu

Punta De Lobos, Pichilemu

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